Protection Starts Immediately
Most People Don't Know Their Child’s Identity Has Been Stolen... Until It's Too Late
Online logins are a necessity, but they can also be an easy “in” for identity thieves. That's right, your child can be a potential victim.
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The Scariest Part
Most people don't know their child’s identity has been stolen until it's too late. And oftentimes, once the damage has been done like social media account hacking, credit card fraud, identity cloning -- it can't be undone.
Can you imagine not finding out that your child has a terrible credit history until it's time to enroll for college? Or worse, there's a warrant of arrest because a crime has been committed under your child’s name.
Take precautions to safeguard sensitive data for your children.
You could contact credit bureaus and credit card companies that send mail in your child’s
name. You could enact a credit freeze on your kid’s identity. Or, you could opt for the comprehensive identity theft protection from IDSeal.
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